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Littlewood Academia

The first step into online guilds intersecting the physical world.

Despite being more populous and interconnected than ever, there has never been a more dystopic sense of community in the present day world. The desire to meet and befriend strangers is seen as something close to heretical, which creates an increasingly sense of isolation for those who want to grow beyond their current social circles. We at Atemosta want to do our part to break this silly status quo, and what better way to party up with strangers than with a quest?

Finding New Party Members

Littlewood Academia is our first social experiment in cultivating the feelings of courage, comradity, and communcation, our favorite staples created by a task as simple as taking on a guild request. How do you propose to make guilds “real”, you may ask? The first thing is to make a vibrant online community based on these principles.

Serious tones aside, Littlewood Academia is about having fun! To start our journey, we have created a Nintendo Switch Onling Gaming Discord server that any and all are welcome to join! Why the Nintendo Switch? you may be pondering to yourself. Nintendo has historically been a restrictive entity when it comes to their games and online experiences associated with it. Truth be told, if you don’t already have friends who play on the Nintendo Switch, it is exceedingly difficult to find and befriend them on Nintendo’s already difficult-to-use platform. By integrating with something as simple and mainstream as Discord, we hope to lower the barrier of entry to find new companions in the Nintendo Switch Games you love.

Current Online Communities

Sword/Shield Online Pokémon League

Sword/Shield Gym Leaders

Our Online Pokémon League also deserves a HUGE shoutout! Upset with the lack of content provided by the latest Pokémon releases, we have decided to take the adventure one notch higher. Lifelong Pokémon fans recognize the intensity that comes with battling in the Gym Leader challenge all the way through the Elite Four and finally the Champion, but lament at how trivial the battles really are when you can overwhelm opponents through sheer leveling. Through our community-created Online Pokémon League, we replicate that same challenge but with players who specialize in only one type of Pokémon on an even playing field. The monsters trainers we created are frustrating to many a challenger, but only through the sheer collision of battling do we become stronger trainers ourselves.

The Littlewood Online Pokémon League hosts a monthly mono-type tournament (Gym Leader Challenge), Pokémon League Challenge where you must beat 8 Gym Leaders to collect their gym badges for the chance to battle the Elite Four and current Champion, and monthly no-type restriction tournament. All community created events are free to enter, and feature eShop Gift Cards to the ultimate winners of each event! If this seems like a new adventure right up your alley, you are MORE than welcome to join our discord server through the link provided:

Current Offline Communities

Coming Soon!

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