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Mobile Application

COMING SOON: Fell Star Archives

A free mobile application for instant videogame information lookup.

Videogame Magazines? What are Those?

Think about your favorite game. Now think about a time you wanted to know something about your game, but there was no way to access that information on-the-spot. If you were playing videogames during the pre-internet era, you were flat out of luck. Eventually things like videogame magazines and hotlines you could call would emerge, but they too would fall to the wayside as the true information repository, the internet, began to take hold. Now a new problem emerges: we have TOO MUCH information. Want to know how to what attack patterns that boss has? Well, Bing has 1000 different websites with that information! If there are very little differences between the websites themselves, what makes one better to use than the other one? How about instead of WHAT information the website provides, we rethink HOW it’s being provided to the player. Introducing: the Fell Star Archives.

The Solution

Instant Lookup

Type in what category of information you are looking for then, then the name of the object in question, then presto! More information coming soon!


Create and save player builds based on your style of gameplay, or download builds created by the community. More information coming soon!

Integrated Games

The following games have been integrated with the Fell Star Archives to enhance the information lookup experience.

  • Pokemon Sun/Pokemon Moon (Nintendo Switch)
  • Pokemon Sword/Shield (Nintendo Switch)
  • Fire Emblem - Three Houses (Nintendo Switch)
  • Fire Emblem Heroes (Mobile)
  • Persona 4 Golden (PS Vita/PC)

Backlog Games

A new Fell Star Archive are planned to be added in later updates for the following games:

[TODO: Add Gallery of Games Integrated With Amazon Affiliates Links!]


The plan is for the Fell Star Archives to be written in NativeScript as it is a cross-platform framework for both Android and iOS Platforms, and the backend with presumably be supported by AWS. The source code will be uploaded to GitHub with more implementation plans coming soon!

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