In this world, a single blade can take you anywhere you want to go


Atemosta is a a group of content creators, engineers, and dreamers who have come together, to bring you together. Through the skills we have mastered and the hobbies we are passionate about, we want to try to give something back...

…and learn at the same time.

A self-styled gamers’ guild calling itself a small business, Atemosta wants to bring into reality all the things you love about the virtual world, especially community, one project at a time.

The Team


Founder and current guild leader of Atemosta. I am a software developer by day and a HUGE virtual enthusiast at all other times! My dream is to make something like Sword Art Online as real as possible (minus the lethality, though no guarantees). I also run the blogs Evolution of Experience and VR Developer Diaries regarding my journey witnessing and creating various AR/VR Worlds.


Author and blogger for Atemosta. I am creator of the series Perfecting Your Protagonist, a blog exploring heroic tropes in literature and my journey in implementing those characteristics into my everyday life. My favorite anime is Re:Creators as is one of the truest love letters to the creative writing process no matter what medium an author battles in.